Post Present Future

Post Present Future
Post Production / Sound


Post Present Future is an independent post-production house primarily operated by the post production octopus Michel Mazza.  Offering a full array of services from Video and Audio Editing, Sound Design, Original Music Scoring, Motion Graphics and Color Correction.  We are a small hands-on company prioritizing client satisfaction and sensible pricing.

Post Present Future is committed to offering our clients a highly personal and unique post production experience.  As a one stop – full service post production house; our mission is to seamlessly weave and creatively craft your production elements into a visual and auditory experience of the highest caliber. 

Post Present Future was founded by filmmaker, video editor, music composer and sound designer Michel Mazza in 2012.  Michel has been immersed in many aspects of post-production for more than 15 years.  Michel’s attention to detail, vast technical knowledge and creativity give him the tools necessary to help his clients achieve their projects maximum potential.  Since its inception, Post Present Future has already grown to include a multidimensional collective of highly experienced and talented individuals


“Shade Queens of New York” – Fusion Network (Season 1 )

“The Bronx Zoo” – Animal Planet (Season 1 )

“Singles Project” (Emmy award) Bravo (season 1)

“All American Makers” – Discovery Network (season 2)

“Wrestling with Death” –  WGN America (season 1)

“Red, White And Grill”  4th Of July Special – Cooking Channel

“Rescue my Renovation” – DYI Network (season 2)

“Now That’s Fresh! ” 22 minute TV pilot- Studio 13 / Food Network

“D.A.R.C. Project” –  ​4 episode doc- Cheap Shot Gorilla  / Military Channel

“Pilonas” – “Momentos” TV show – Discovery Channel

“Firefly” –  Black Light Smoke (music video)

“Mission To Mars” TV show / Discovery Channel

“Sylvie” short film directed by  Valeris Khoudari Ratner

“Confessions Of A Fortune Hunter” – Sony Playstation

“Alcolest” – “Momentos” TV show – Discovery Channel 

“Dirty Jobs” TV show – Discovery Channel 

“Storm Chasers” TV show – Discovery Channel 

“Pegasus” –  “Momentos”  TV show – Discovery Channel 

“Unrequited Love” short film

“The Exchange” short film

“Cielo Profundo” (music video)

“Nonbeing” (music video)

“American Diner Revival” – Food Network (Pilot + Season 1 + season 2)