John Cirabisi

John Cirabisi


John Cirabisi is a talented editor, with over 15 years of experience editing reality TV, true crime, docuseries, and various programs for major cable networks.

John taught himself how to edit as a teenager, and paid his way through college editing local videos. After graduating from Hofstra with a BA in communications, he landed a job at MTV Networks. John worked his way up the ranks to become a supervising producer and editor, and became Viacom’s liaison to Avid Corporation. Through this relationship, he spearheaded the introduction of non-linear editing to the network, and was trained on Media Composer by Avid’s own engineers. He has since compiled a massive body of work as a professional TV editor, with a focus on reality TV.

In 2004, John built powerful computers that allowed him to edit broadcast quality video in his NYC apartment. His newly formed company, Atomic Image Media, blossomed into a multi-seat edit facility. Clients loved the boutique atmosphere, as well as the cost savings John’s super computers provided. The company flourished, creating original content for clients such as Bravo, AMC, HBO, MTV, Discovery channel, BBDO and McCann Ericson.

Atomic Image Media lives on to this day, backing John’s independent productions including the development projects “American PI,” and “Give Me Shelter.” He is a noted influencer in his field, attending speaking engagements, and his YouTube Channel has over 4 million views.